Alberta Arts Rebuild to Coordinate Flood Rebuilding Efforts

In response to the recent southern Alberta floods, Calgary Arts Development, in partnership with other government and community agencies whose mandates include direct support of artists and arts organizations, recently launched to help coordinate the relief and rebuilding efforts that will be necessary to help Alberta's artists and arts organizations recover from the 2013 floods.

The Alberta Arts Rebuild partners extend our sympathy to everyone who has been affected by the Alberta flooding. We are grateful to our inexhaustible public servants and all Albertans who continue to help their neighbours throughout this crisis.

Albertans have witnessed a tremendous outpouring of offers to assist in recovery efforts. Alberta Arts Rebuild partners will work together as follows:

  • Coordinator: We will gather information about the flood's impact on Alberta artists and arts organizations, and can help facilitate connections between those needing help and those wanting to help. We will share the information we gather with other authorities as quickly as possible.
  • Information source and guide: We are compiling specific information that may help an impacted artist or arts organization understand the steps they should take, and will assist artists and arts organizations in accessing supports as they become available. We will create lists of artists and arts organizations who are willing to offer their talents to serve general community relief efforts.
  • Rebuilding efforts: Partners are working to identify and direct resources as needed to provide relief and rebuilding assistance. On June 28th, we launched the Alberta Arts Flood Rebuild Fund on with an initial goal to raise $500,000. As of July 18th, 2013, over $147,000 has been raised, including a generous contribution of $50,000 cash and $50,000 matching from Suncor Energy Foundation, to help Alberta artists and arts organizations rebuild their artistic practice and/or stabilize their organization. The process of accessing these funds has not been announced.

To report impact from the floods, please complete a Flood Impact Assessment form. For information on resources for artists and arts organizations, please visit

For more information, visit and follow @ABArtsRebuild on Twitter.

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