Call for Submissions: The Visual Arts Studio Association of St. Albert (VASA)

VASA is soliciting submissions for visual art exhibitions for the 2014 calendar year from professional and emerging artists in Alberta. The deadline for submissions is July 1, 2013.

VASA follows the concept of visual fine art as defined by the Canada Council for Arts that could include the following mediums: drawings, hand pulled prints, paintings in any medium, free standing or hanging sculpture in any medium, assemblage pieces, photography, and textiles.
Selection of art work will be based solely on the content and quality of the submission. VASA may place more than one artist’s work together for a show to fill the display space. VASA will try to place work of a similar nature together.

Submission Guidelines
VASA accepts only emailed electronic submissions.

• Email all submissions to Please indicate in the subject line if your submission requires you to send more than one email (ie: Submission for VASA 1 of 2).
• Images must be in a .jpg format and attached to the submission email.
• Each image is not to exceed 1 Mb in size.
• Images must not be embedded in a document.
• Do not submit a website address or slideshow presentation in lieu of image files.
• Documents must be in Word format only.

The submission must include:

• A curriculum vitae,
• A short biography,
• An artist’s statement for the proposed show,
• Up to 10 images of representative pieces of art work,
• A list of the included images to be considered, including the year created, unframed size, medium, and price,
• An indication of how many other similar pieces are available for a show.

Documents must be in Word format only. Images must be in a .jpg format and attached to the submission email. They must not be embedded in a document. Each image is not to exceed 1 Mb in size.

The VASA Main Space Gallery provides over 1100 square feet of display space. It can hold up to 24 large size paintings, and up to 40 mixed size pieces. However, if you are interested in submitting but are worried that you can’t fill the space, VASA will try to group similar works from different artists into one show.

The VASA exhibition space is unique; it is surrounded by artist’s studios that are open to visitors 5 days a week. The studios are open during all shows in the Main Space Gallery. All shows run for approximately one calendar month.

Submissions from groups of artists are welcomed; a group submission must include documentation and images from all artists in the group. VASA recommends that artists involved in a group submission also submit as single artists. Selected single artists may be included in grouped exhibitions by VASA.

VASA may request a studio visit to view the artist’s collection and the selected artists should view the space prior to delivery of art works.

Submissions will be evaluated by a jury selected from VASA members and the arts community. Jury selections are final.

Submissions that are not selected will be deleted from the VASA server.

Submissions that are accepted will be retained for up to 1 year after the show.

All pieces must be ready to display with hanging or support systems installed. VASA cannot handle large (over 4 ft high) or heavy (over 40 kg) sculptures.

The artist is responsible for delivery of all art pieces to VASA in St. Albert, Alberta and for prompt pickup of all pieces as VASA does not have room for storage of art work.


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