Lunchbox Theatre Technician

Core Responsibilities

The House Technician at Lunchbox Theatre is responsible for the ongoing smooth delivery of production services and technical programming at Lunchbox Theatre and to provide excellent technical services to the users of the venue and to ensure that the theatre venue equipment is properly and safely used.

The individual in this position shall possess excellent inter-personal, time management and supervisory skills. In fulfilling the positions core responsibilities the Theatre expects the general technician to:
• Maintain a high quality of work, achieving the attention to detail that the position requires.
• Work towards achieving established goals
• Ensure the safety of the workplace by adhering to all health and Safety policies and procedures.

Lunchbox Theatre is a team-oriented environment. All personnel are required to participate in a wide range of activities or take on additional responsibilities from time to time that may be outside the core Responsibilities for each position. Notwithstanding, Core Responsibilities for this position include but may not be limited to the following:

Specific Accountabilities

• To be present at every technical rehearsal and public performance.
• Assist with overall facility maintenance as required.
• Attend as many staff and production meetings as possible within the limitation of hours of work.

Main Stage Productions
The House Technician will work under the direction of the Technical Director to execute production requirements to ensure the realization of the Theatre’s programming. This includes:
• Providing services for each show as Operator/Electrician/Carpenter/Painter/Props Builder/Lighting and Sound Installation for each production
• Presenting a professional image of the Theatre when working with patrons, and to dress in the manner of a theatre professional
• Assisting with the procurement of required materials
• Participating in Tech Week to ensure any problems that may arise are resolved satisfactorily prior to opening.
• Run each show in conjunction with the Stage Manager. Daily services include:
o Operating lights and sound
o Attend all production meetings and staff meetings
o Pre-show checks
o Post show clean up of the stage and house.
o Restoration of the stage and maintenance (as required)
• Ensuring archival videos are recorded and stored properly in conjunction with the Technical Director and Stage Manager.

Facility Management
General maintenance of equipment and theatre. Daily duties include:
• Vacuuming the theatre and a thorough cleaning prior to each production
• Tidying the green room and dressing rooms including dishes if necessary
• Keeping the technical booth clean, tidy, and organized
• Keeping the backstage Clean and tidy
• Assisting with recycling
• Removal of garbage from the theatre
• Help maintain all tools and shop equipment in good working order; addressing equipment in need of repair
• Ensure building maintenance and general maintenance of the facility are in order as directed by the Technical Director.
• Participate in facility renovations and equipping of the theatre
• Help maintain inventory of tools, props, costumes, and building materials


It is understood that the Technical Director will mainly be responsible for rentals. The House technician however, may be required to assist depending on the nature of the rental and their requirements. These will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis between the Technical Director and the House Technician.

Other Duties

The House Technician may, at times be expected to take on other roles and responsibilities within the theatre. These duties will be assigned by the Technical Director and will fall within the skill set and comfort level of the Technician.

Please direct applications to George Ross, General Manager of Lunchbox Theatre at:

For additional information please call George at 403 265-4292 ext 231

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