Theatre Encounter Workshop Series: Motivity - Physical Theatre Training

a workshop series of Physical Movement
Jan 16 – Feb 27, 2012 (bi-weekly)

The work is called Motivity, a physical learning approach to performance based in Grotowski and Stanislavski's physical actions, Odin Teatret's physical work, Indian Cho principles, authentic & improvisational movement, impulse work, and image-theatre techniques. Motivity looks at acting and all performance as a journey into the essence of physical action and how it informs the performer in making authentic performance choices.

This intensive training leads actors, dancers and physical performers to investigate their 'physical vocabulary’, rooted in impulse, to understand the body / mind relationship in performance. From here rooted in our sensory experience the performer learns a fundamental foundation of acting and performance skills. An alternative approach to play creation and the rehearsal process is used, which is not based on text. The work is physical, and is an in-depth training of the acting and performance process. For actors, dancers and anyone open to move.

Although no experience is necessary, a physical aptitude to move will be very helpful, as the work is quite thorough.

The charge is $10 for one session and $30 for all 4 sessions. Please note that it will be a professional atmosphere focused on the work.

The intention of the classes is to build from week to week. This is to give continuity and build on previous classes, on the underlying principles of movement. However, note that you may ‘drop-in’ with advanced email warning. As such, you may be part of a series of learnings that were introduced in previous classes, and arrive to a very intensive process.

Monday nights, Jan 16, 30, Feb 13, 27 (2012). 6-8pm.
Please let us know which date(s) you will be coming. Location is in East Village. Detailed information to follow.
info [at]

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